39 years old
Professional Spanish teacher
¡Hola! Soy Sara. 

Would you like to communicate in  Spanish confidently, in a natural way? 
If so, I am a professional and experienced teacher and would be happy to help you!

My teaching methods are tailor-made to meet your needs. I emphasise the communicative aspect of language, to help you interact with Spanish speakers in a natural way. Any level is welcomed from beginner to advanced.

Feel free to visit my website to know a bit more about me :)


- Taylor - made for your needs and goals
- Online via video-conference (Skype or Zoom)
- Interactive and enjoyable
- With creative material provided
- Flexible times

- Qualified Spanish Teacher
- Over 10 years' experience
- Master in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language
- Lived and taught in Ireland, Holland, Germany and UK
- Enthusiastic, patient and creative

PRICE  (one to one)
- Free 30 min. trial lesson to discuss your needs and goals. 
- General Spanish: €20/hour
- DELE preparation: €23/hour


-- I've been learning with Sara for a little over 6 months now and her classes have been amazing. They are always well organised whilst also allowing flexibility so that we can focus on my areas of interest and my personal goals. 

Sara is also enthusiastic, positive and relaxed so the classes are always enjoyable - as a result I have seen a dramatic improvement in my Spanish in the previous 6 months, despite only one hour a week! My confidence has improved hugely, something which has been noted by people I work with from Mexico who I had not spoken to for almost a year until recently and whom I found I was able to converse with quite comfortably for the first time. -- 

Alex, intermediate level. 

-- Being Sara’s student over the last year, has really improved my Spanish. I feel much more confident in speaking Spanish. She is a fantastic and patient teacher. Her enthusiasm for Spanish is infectious. Sara not only understands teaching but she understands people. -

Vaitehi, intermediate level. 

- Sara is passionate about teaching Spanish and her classes are FUN. She makes you feel comfortable and draws out the most in you.

Sara has studied how to teach Spanish and has dedicated SO much time that all of her knowledge helps you to progress confidently and quickly--she builds a good foundation and doesn't neglect any aspect. 

Bethany, advanced level.