1:1 ONLINE English Teacher for Business Professionals
We’re looking for folks who:

? Dread fill-in-the-blanks (!), have patience and love conversation.
? Have proven success teaching the way they love
? Are team players, share ideas and appreciate feedback
? Are organized and can use Google Docs (Excel) with ease and comfort.
? Love working in a diverse environment

You must:

? Have a native-like speaking ability or a C2 certificate.
? An EU Passport, student or work visa holders OR empadronado 3+ years in Spain
? Commit to an entire course length (ex: if you start now, you must commit until summer)
? Have a strong wi-fi connection with headphones and in a quiet place.

You will:
? Deliver engaging classes in which the students are the center
? Use positive reinforcement and build student confidence
? Be challenged to use your creativity to its fullest

1. Schedule classes with students based on your availability.
2. Discuss, established, plan and deliver your classes all with the students’ GOALS in mind
as the objective.
3. Update the Google Drive Calendar Spreadsheet. (you’ll receive a new one each month)
4. Attend occasional team meetings

You will receive:
? Opportunity to work from home!
? Flexible schedule- choose to accept the classes offered to you or not.
? Opportunity to be part of an ambitious organization
? Cancellations within 3 hours of class are fully paid and no obligation to reschedule.
? 17€/freelance, 12€/contract

More about us: https://goo.gl/maps/qAc1cjtY75x

1. Your resume/CV along with 2 possible references AND…
2. A fun video “cover letter” where you are trying to convince a student from a company that you are
their ideal teacher! You may want to include why you’re interested in working with us, what you bring
to the table (skill sets and passions) and more about you that might not be on your “traditional” resume.

a. This video is just for Eric, and helps him put the puzzle pieces together to build the right
team, however, just as a heads up, if you are accepted, you’ll have the option of also including your video in our “Meet the team” resources (completely optional). A double whammy!

b. In case the video size is overwhelming, some 
recommendations for sharing the video are to; upload it directly to Youtube with a private link, Google Drive share, and WeTransfer.

c. Video editing is not being evaluated.

3. Interview - 45-60 minute in-person interview (and if not possible, video conference call) with Eric.