32 years old
online Spanish lessons from Madrid (:
Hi! Holaa (: Unhappy with your Spanish level? Still have people speaking to you in English every time you attempt to order something? WELL COME ON DOWN!! 
My name is Sole I am an English and a native Spanish teacher accredited by Instituto Cervantes, I have a lot of experience teaching spanish (specially teenagers and adults , most of them auxiliares de conversaci├│n in Madrid) at academies and online lessons. I also have experience preparing for the DELE exam all levels (A1 to C1)
About me I am very talkative and easy going, and I really love teaching spanish. I give conversations classes specially. Some Part of grammar / some excercise of listening .

Here you can read some of my students┬┤s comments and reviews about me and my classes.
Check my FB page https://www.facebook.com/onlinespanishclasseswithsole/

My whatsapp : 626964023