Business and Finance English Teacher COMPANY AGUAS INGLESAS
Business and Finance English Teacher COMPANY AGUAS INGLESAS

Hi there,

I am a native-English speaking British female from London and I have years of experience teaching business English. I created a 30 lesson course which will help you to expand your vocabulary exponentially and speak more fluently, all whilst learning about things going on in the economy from high quality resources such as The Economist from the United Kingdom. 

Whether you are a university student hoping to work in investment banking, as an accountant, in marketing, or in HR, or an established professional in one of these industries, these lessons will help you to stand out in comparison to your peers/colleagues and may even help you to get the promotion you always wanted.

The courses are for intermediate to advanced learners and are challenging without being too difficult. High quality resources are provided and the classes take place either in person OR online, on an excellent server with a modern design and an interactive interface. 
Contact me today for your first FREE lesson and watch how the method will help you to memorise new words and encourage your to debate topics effortlessly.