Private Online English Tutor - Professional & Friendly
Welcome! My name is Mitch, I’m from the UK and language is my passion. As a qualified English Language tutor, I have been incredibly fortunate to teach student’s from around the globe over the last five years. Working in schools, language academies and for universities in China, Peru, Bolivia, Japan and Spain has given me a wealth of knowledge and experience which I now implement in my online lessons. 

Always in the forefront of my mind is you and your progress. Over the years, through teaching hundreds of students, studying linguistics at university level and attending and speaking at ESL conferences, I have learnt that there is nothing more important than ensuring that my students achieve their set ambitions and goals. We do this by creating and maintaining a clear structure, a learning plan which explicitly sets out our objectives and how we will reach them together. 

Every lesson will include: 

Free materials / Learning resources – Worksheets, Videos, Articles, Activities +More 

Homework – This will be corrected in detail and sent back to you promptly.

A lesson report – Including your learning plan, feedback from me and a space for you to write any comments or suggestions about the class. My current online student’s find this very useful! 

Corrections – Useful and constructive corrections given in a polite and friendly manner.

Studying Spanish for the past year has taught me that confidence is fundamental when we are learning a language. During my classes we will focus on building your confidence when using advanced vocabulary, tricky grammar structures and other areas of improvement such as fluency, pronunciation and intonation. I am extremely patient; I always provide corrections and feedback but in a polite and considerate manner.  I will encourage you to go above and beyond what you expected whilst still feeling comfortable and motivated.