Looking to learn German! :)
Hi everyone! 

I recently moved to Berlin for a new job opportunity that I have. The issue is my German is pretty much non-existent so I'd like to practise a bit where possible until I'm able to receive classes :) 

I'm a native British English speaker from the south, so I have a clear spoken accent. I'm also a former ESL teacher having lived in Spain with several years of experience, so I'm able to teach English grammatically as well as apply teaching methods to learning. I also used to live in Spain where I attended the Escuela de Idiomas and received a B1 in Spanish, so my level roughly is about a B2 now. 

I can offer assistance in speaking and understanding English, as well as if you're interested in learning Spanish, I can also help with that too (or both if required). Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can help. 

Thanks/Gracias/Danke! :)