Do you struggle to understand fast-spoken American English?

Do Americans struggle understanding you because of your foreign accent? 

Do you want to speak natural English so you can build strong, lasting relationships with Americans? Or be able to watch movies/tv shows without subtitles?

I’m Kara, a native English speaker and I can help you improve your ability in understanding fast-spoken speech, and speaking natural American English so you can have confidence when interacting with Americans.

I've successfully taught myself both Spanish and French without taking language classes so I can help you do the same with English.

In class, I can help you:

- Improve beyond an intermediate level

- Improve your pronunciation & intonation 

- Improve your speaking so you sound natural, like how a native would speak

- Improve your storytelling ability

Classes are online through Skype or Zoom.

Email me now for an €8.82 trial lesson!