30 years old
6€ for 30 minute conversation classes [Limited Spots]
For busy professionals sometimes an hour is more time than they can afford to give up, so don't, let's make it 30 minutes and lets charge less than a McDonalds Menu.

In 30 minutes you can improve your english, work on your vocabulary, understand new expressions and perfect your pronunciation. Once a week? Twice a week? That's up to you!

Looks to good to be true?

You're right it is. 

This is a one time deal as I'm looking to fill up a small quota of 30 minute clients.If you're busy and don't want to commit to a 1 hour plan this is the perfect option for you. 

What are you waiting for? Reach out now by email or by WhatsApp, just be sure to let me know you're looking for 30 minute sessions.