36 years old
Keep Calm and Learn Russian Online
- Do you think that learning Cyrillic is an impossible mission? (Spoiler: It is not. ? It will take just a couple of hours.)
- Do you want to build up the primary of Russian grammar?
- Do you feel hesitant when you speak Russian?
- Would you like to travel to Russia (or any other former USSR countries people still use the Russian language) and learn a bit of Russian for communicating?
- Have you ever dreamt about passing an official Russian exam? 
- Do you want to get to know your Russian speaking partner’s family?
- Do you need Russian for business?
- Are you a language lover, and Russian has attracted you for a long time?
- Are you curious about the "Russian soul", its culture, mentality, and traditions?

If you reply to at least one of the questions above in the affirmative, it’s time to start learning Russian online. 

A more than 10-years’ experienced native Russian teacher with a university and master’s degree in Russian philology. Teaching all levels (beginner, intermediate, upper-intermediate, advanced). Responsible, creative, empathic, punctual, and serious. 

Price list:
The first 30-minutes’ lesson is free of charge to get to know each other and define the purposes of the course.
Single lesson: 20 euros per hour.
Lesson package: 15 euros per hour.

All the material is included in the price.