Online Spanish lessons
Hello to all!  I’m a Spanish teacher with over ten years of experience teaching  as an online private tutor.  General Spanish, business Spanish, creative writing, meetings, presentations, reports, emails, essays and more!
SPEAKING  Targeted speaking practice via video call: conversation, meetings, expressing yourself, agreeing, disagreeing, presentations. (Zoom, Whatsapp Video, Skype etc.)  I email notes on speaking, corrections, notes on vocabulary and ways to improve.   
WRITING  Special writing lessons (email, reports, essays, creative writing etc.) either during the lesson or can be done as homework. I will email written notes with full corrections and explanation of errors with ways to improve.   
GRAMMAR  Exercises, games, role-plays done during lessons using emailed resources and links. Exercises also done as homework.   LISTENING  Exercises done during the lessons and emailed targeted links focussing on accents, meetings, different situations, understanding phone calls.   
PRONUNCIATION   We focus on problems using the phonetic alphabet and how to position your mouth and tongue. We also examine how words link together. Good pronunciation helps with listening too!
To book a lesson or for more information, please let me know: creativaprof@gmail.com  Thanks, and speak to you soon!