32 years old
Native English Teacher_general English/ official exams
My name is Diana. I’m an English teacher from the States. I have qualifications and credentials: Master’s degree in English teaching, with a minor in German, I’m also a CELTA certified teacher. During the last few years I’ve been doing my PhD in Applied Linguistics. Throughout my teaching career I’ve been tutoring students of all ages and levels. I taught English at University level for more than 5 years and ended up doing my PhD in Applied Linguistics at the University of Barcelona. 
I'm now specializing in exam preparation, specifically in GMAT (verbal part), working for one of the top-rating exam preparation centres in Barcelona. I'll teach you techniques, strategies and time management skills to handle exams.
In my life I’ve been learning German and Spanish, Russian, now I learn Catalan, so I’m aware of what it feels like to be a language learner myself, struggling through grammar, learning vocabulary, understanding the logic of the language. At the core of my teaching style is an individual and professional approach to every student/ groups of students, depending on their goals, personality differences and aptitude.