29 years old
English with teachers from all over the world
Hello everyone, My name is Johana and I would like to invite you to learn English with us. We are a global community of English teachers. You can book lessons according to your time schedule and try different teachers. We offer 30 minute small group lessons (up to 3 people) starting on 30 euros per week (one lesson per week, 2 is recommended for faster results). Students are also from all around the world so you will experience different accents just like as If you were traveling. Materials we use are fun and interesting and you can look in the material before and after lesson. We believe that speaking makes master and we are only here to guide you and correct you if necessary. We use big data to monitor your progress and we are able to predict your progress. Contact me for any questions and BOOK YOUR FREE TRIAL LESSON. We teach all levels and age categories. I am looking forward to hearing from you