Native TEFL Qualified English Teacher

Do you need to improve your English skills for work?
Have you been invited to interview and need some practise answering tough questions?
Do you wish to get a promotion at work, where proficiency in English is a requirement?
Do you need to pass an exam such as FCE, CAE or IELTS? 
Would you like to become more adept at having fluent, natural conversations in English?
Do you need to increase the range of vocabulary you can use in order to be able to write and speak with ease?
Do you need to improve your pronunciation?
Do you need support with homework, and preparation for exams for school, or need practice for speaking exams?
Do you need to improve your writing or listening skills?
Do you need English for travel?
Are you a non-native English teacher who needs support in advancing your skills to C2 level? I have English teachers among my students too.

I have an advanced Cambridge TEFL certificate, and am a native English speaker from South Africa, living permanently in Portugal.  
I have been teaching English on-line to people from all nationalities, full time, six days a week for the past five years.
Owing to my thousands of hours of teaching experience, I can quickly identify any gaps you may have in your grammar and pronunciation and provide relevant support which is personalised and tailored to your specific language development needs, whatever they are. I am able to help you improve any area of your English proficiency, from grammar to speaking to writing to vocabulary to listening to pronunciation to reading.

Whatever your goals and requirements, I can assist.
I teach students between the ages 10 to 70
I can confidently say that I teach with empathy and patience.

I charge 18€ per hour.