ABC Infantil Preparatory Centre
ABC is the exclusive English-speaking remote language preparation centre aimed at 3-5 year old infants with the aim to kickstart or review your child’s British English international education with a native English teacher so that they are fully prepared for the challenges of primary English classes.  

My current project commits to delivering 30 and 60 minute sessions in order to accommodate to your child’s attention span, and thereby making classes considerably more cost-effective to parents and carers, all whilst allowing your child to be immersed up to 5 times more in their daily lives as opposed to the traditional English language tuition methodologies that are on offer.

Our classes are fun, engaging, inclusive and light-hearted, and are led by a friendly, funny and empathetic native English teacher with just under 10 years’ experience in the Education sector. 

As a supplementary provision to daytime learning, ABC refers to the British EYFS frameworks, carrying out activities such as the Daily Routine (phonetics, the alphabet, numbers, seasons etc), singing songs and Storytime. We subscribe to positive reinforcement and positive discipline during our class sessions.

For the summer months - the 1st June-31st July, we are offering a 10% discount respectively off our normal subscription prices.

For an information pack, send an email to bjackman2511@gmail.com.