Amazing & attentive accent modification/reduction coaching!

I am a Native English trilingual Speech and Language Pathologist/Therapist with a passion for accents! Having lived abroad and worked with people from various accent and language backgrounds, I am aware of the impact accent can have on a person's self confidence and communication. Accent impacts how people perceive you, how well you are understood by others and can even affect your professional, social and academic opportunities. 

Do you know English but still feel that your accent doesn't sound quite 'right'? 

Do you still have trouble pronouncing certain English sounds when speaking even thought you are able to read and write in English? 

Do people struggle to understand you or ask you to repeat yourself several times? 

Are you unsure what parts of words or sentences should be emphasised, meaning your intonation (rhythm or flow) of your speech doesn't sound like a native English speaker? 

Or, perhaps you are a native English speaker but you are looking to neutralise your accent or even learn a British English, Australian or American dialect? 

Look no further! I am an experienced/qualified Speech Therapist (Logopeda y Foniatra) and accent coach and have worked in various primary schools, high schools, university speech clinics, hospitals, private homes and online. 
I have experience working in accent reduction/modification with speakers of Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Korean and more. 

In the initial session, I conduct a thorough assessment and then based on the results, collaboratively set specific and personalised accent goals with the client. From there the sessions will be classes to teach you the practical skills to reach your goals. I also provide home practice exercises for you to complete between sessions as this facilitates your learning and the transfer of your new accent to your everyday life. 

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions, I look forward to hearing from you. 

Thanks, Lola