English pronunciation classes online
~ Learn English pronunciation with online classes from a native British teacher! ~ 

Hi! My name is Laura, I am a pronunciation and accent reduction teacher based in London, and I would love to help build your confidence and clarity when speaking English!

With over 10 years’ teaching experience, and a deep knowledge of phonetics (the study of speech sounds in all languages of the world), I now specialise in teaching pronunciation of the neutral British accent (sometimes called 'standard southern British English' or 'RP') for adults with English as a second language. Using an evidence-based method I have helped many students achieve a more neutral native-sounding British accent. This builds their confidence in speaking situations and enables them to understand and be understood by others more clearly.  

Lesson topics include:  
- Vowel and consonant sounds - how to produce each of the 45 sounds used in British English, and how to choose the correct ones
- Stress and intonation - how and when to use the 3 intonation patterns of English, and what they mean 
- Rhythm and stress in phrases and sentences 
- Strong and weak forms 
- Linking words together / connected speech ?
- Silent letters and spelling rules?

Your first lesson will include a comprehensive assessment of your strengths and needs, and your course will be designed and tailored to you. Following your assessment I will provide feedback on the strengths and goals identified, and a suggested course plan based on these. 

~ Let’s get started! ~

Lessons by Skype or Zoom: €45 per hour, or €60 for 90 minutes. All course materials included.

Please note that a minimum Intermediate level in English language is required.

- Watch my introduction video on YouTube to get a feel for my accent and classes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUJzQRO1R5E.

- Follow me on Facebook for pronunciation tips, quizzes, reviews, and more information about my courses. Search Facebook for @PronunciationWithLaura.

~ Testimonials ~

Laura is great, very patient and informative. After couple of lessons and hard work people started to notice the difference. Very pleased, highly recommended!

Annika W 
Highly recommended!!! ????? 
Laura helped me to lose my fear of talking English in bigger groups, meetings or even presentations. I am super glad I found in her a very friendly, patient and professional tutor!