Improve your speaking skills with improv!
???????? Improve your English communication skills through the power of improv! ?????????

Meet Melinda Chilton, a talented improv teacher who believes in the transformative impact of improv skills as life skills. And one vital life skill we all share is communication. ????

Melinda's passion for improv and language learning stems from her multicultural background. Growing up in the United States with Polish heritage, Melinda's family used games and storytelling to help her great-grandparents practice English as their second language. ??????

Now based in the entertainment hub of Los Angeles, California, Melinda has dedicated over a decade to studying, teaching, and performing improv. She knows firsthand that improv games and exercises are the key to honing your conversational English abilities. ?????????

The best part? Melinda's classes are available online via Zoom, making them accessible to learners across all time zones. ?????

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey of learning and laughter? Join Melinda's monthly improv class for only 130 euros and immerse yourself in an engaging and enjoyable way to practice English conversation. ????????

But wait, there's more! Mark your calendars for a special treat. Melinda is offering a FREE introductory class on Tuesday, July 25, exclusively on Zoom. ????????

Visit melindachiltonimprov.com to sign up for the July 25 introductory class or if you have any questions. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to enhance your English skills while having a blast with improv! ????????????

For inquiries, reach out to Melinda at Melindaimprovdaily@gmail.com. ????????