27 years old
Creative & Custom English Classes for Adults or Kids
Hello everyone!

My name is Ali, and I am a professional English teacher originally from Los Angeles, California. After graduating from Georgetown University in Washington D.C. four years ago, I moved to Madrid, Spain, where I have been honing my skills as a teacher ever since. I am here to offer a unique online English learning experience tailored for adults or kids of all ages and levels. Here's what sets me apart as a teacher:

Personalized Approach: Leveraging the knowledge acquired through my master's courses such as "Curriculum Design" and "Learning Theories", I craft each lesson to meet your specific needs and objectives. Whether you are preparing for a Cambridge test, aiming to improve your fluency, seeking to enhance your professional/business English, or looking for practice in writing or interviews, I am here to facilitate a learning experience that is both enjoyable and fruitful.

Creative Teaching: I am dedicated to crafting lessons that resonate with you personally. This could involve casual conversations centered around your passions, such as a simulated cooking class in English, or more formal preparations for exams or interviews. My goal is to make each class a rich and enjoyable learning experience that brings you closer to achieving your personal and professional objectives.

International Experience: With four years of experience working at bilingual/international schools and enriched by courses such as "Global English in an Intercultural Context" and "Leadership and Educational Management in an International Environment", I bring a global perspective to my classes. My background, enriched by living in diverse places including Bosnia and Herzegovina, South Africa, Washington D.C., and Madrid, and originating from California, allows me to bring a rich and cosmopolitan perspective to the learning environment.

I am available for classes in the mornings, afternoons, and early evenings, providing flexibility to accommodate your schedule. Feel free to contact me for my CV and to discuss the frequency of the classes you're interested in. I am open to constructive criticism and always looking to adapt to my students' feedback to provide the most fruitful learning experience.

Looking forward to assisting in your English learning journey.

Best regards,