34 years old
Online Group English Conversation Class for Friends
Hello there!

I am here to help you improve your conversational skills, sound more fluent and speak with more confidence in my online group conversation classes. 

The reason why I say "with friends" is because I would like you to find another people to join this class with you.

Do you know anyone who is motivated to improve their English skills by having real conversations about topics that interests you? 

If the answer is yes, contact me and let's create the perfect group class for you and your friends.

Be sure to tell me your current level, use of English, what you want to improve and your availability for a 1.5 hour once a week. 

Maximum Group size 4! 20 an hour for each person. Learn with an expert!

Okay, I hope to hear from you soon. Also, be sure to check out my website if you are looking for online business English and conversation fluency classes: https://www.speakwithpierre.com/