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English Tutoring to Reach Your Goals
With 15 years of experience in California, I'm here to support your English language goals.
Are you looking to…

…advance your career with better English skills?
…excel in university studies or pass TOEFL, IELTS, or Cambridge exams?
…prepare for travel or relocation to an English-speaking country?
…confidently speak in daily situations?
…improve your business English for international communication and presentations?
…build self-confidence in English-speaking environments?
…understand English-language films, books, and music on a deeper level?
…improve specific skills like pronunciation, writing, or listening comprehension?
…challenge yourself and expand your abilities through language learning?
…communicate better with English-speaking family members?

Whatever your goal, I can help you achieve it.

Customized lessons for your specific needs.
Practical, real-world language skills.
Flexible scheduling to fit your busy life.
Hundreds of satisfied students over the years

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