Protecting your data - General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We fully comply with EU data protection regulations.

In order for our website to work, you fill in forms to place adverts, then we display those adverts: our website basically consists entirely of information.

The only information we keep is what you place in your adverts, plus your photos. We store that information, because if we don't then nobody can see your advert!

We do not track your browsing history or anything like that: the only information we have about you is what you specifically choose to post in your adverts.

We do not store your payment details, because all of that is with PayPal - we see nothing of that.

We also record the IP address of every user, for the safety of other users as well as our staff (basically in case of weirdos abusing other users/our staff) - we do not use IP addresses for any other reason.

We hardly ever email our users, but in every email we will include an "unsubscribe" button, and this will delete you from our email list.

If, for any reason, you want us to remove your information, we will do it immediately (well, as immediately as we possibly can), and that will be gone forever.

We do not share your information with any other company for any reason whatsoever, so if it's deleted from us then it's deleted from the world.

Please note that it takes Google a couple of days to refresh their search info, so your advert might show up in their results during that time, but your advert will not be displayed from our server.

If you use our CV sender, then of course we also have your CV stored, because again, we need to display it to schools. It will be visible to trusted schools as a link, and this link will be visible to them for one year. If at any time you would like to delete your CV then just contact us and it will be permanently deleted.