40 years old
My Spanish for your English (Aluche, nearby or city centre)
Hi everyone, I am a Spanish guy from Madrid, I spent more than 14 years living outside of Spain (Ireland, England and Perú) and now back in Madrid for good. Looking to practice my English so I don´t forget it and become rusty. In exchange I´ll help you with your Spanish (any level). I volunteer as a Spanish Teacher at level 0 (we are learning the alphabet and how to write and read), so I can help you if you level is basic no problem. I don´t drink alcohol, so we will meet up over a coffee or something like that, sorry, I am boring like that LOL. I like travelling, politics, cycling (although no bicycle at the moment), cinema, theater, Netflix, etc.. pretty normal here. Girls, I am gay, so don´t worry, I won´t try anything. Boys, you know the best way of learning a language is with a dictionary in bed hahaha, just kidding LOL. I live in Aluche, so it would be nice if you live nearby or we can meet up in city centre. I´m studying to become a librerian in a public library, and also looking for a job so in the mean time I can pay a rent on my own, difficult stuff here in Madrid, I know. Not sure what else I can say about me, just feel free to ask and don´t be shy.