24 years old
Spanish - Maths exchange
Hi there!

This is José Ángel. I'm 24 and I've always been terrible at Maths. I don't even know how to make simple operations with fractions, which is ridiculous, but this is the way things are, unfortunately.

I'm madrileño so I'm a Spanish native speakers and I studied for two years how to teach Spanish to foreign people so I can really help you out with your Spanish learning. I have a level C2 in English.

I would love to do a Spanish - Maths exchange. I'm looking for someone who is great at Maths and who could teach / help me to be great at Maths too.

I am really terrible at Maths so I would prefer the other person to have pretty basic Spanish skills, but this is only a preference.

I am available every single day at every time.

I live in Chamberí so I would like the exchange to take place in this neighborhood, in Centro or in Salamanca neighborhood.

If you are interested, please, send me a message.

José Ángel