calle caribe - three children 19 an hour
I have a class offer here for three children. As usual we want as much interaction as possible, really fun dynamic classes. It's a play class, mostly. 

We want reading, writing, speaking and listening to happen in class and where necessary grammar. 

Kids are 12, 10, 7. With levels B1, A2, A1 respectively. 

Class takes place my metro barrio de la concepción, with a little walk. Check it out on a map: calle caribe 2. 

It's only Monday 1800-2000. 

19€ the hour and two hour class. 38€ the class, around 35 after tax. 

Father has mentioned that punctuality is an important point and he couldn't overstress more the importance of participation of the children. 

Please hand me your CV, plus a reference. Candidates with poor spelling will be discarded.