TUTORLINGUA, A prestigious Language Centre (since 1989) situated in GRAN VIA, with a staff of 80 teachers, is looking for: An Experienced Legal English Teacher.  

A. If you have a law degree, you would be teaching Legal-Technical English to professionals (barristers, attorneys, judges, etc.) with an advanced English level. 

B. If you don´t have a law degree but you have your own experience with legal knowledge, you would be teaching general English with a legal approach. 

 Thank you for sending your Resume, making clear WHICH OF THE OPTIONS YOU ARE APPLYING FOR (A or B) in order for the academy to prepare. Please indicate which book you've used in your former classes.  

 tutorlingua.recruitment@gmail.com We are looking forward to meeting you soon!! VERY IMPORTANT: 

Write in the subject of the e-mail: “LEGAL ENGLISH TEACHER - MAY 2019”