flamenco guitar lessons
FLAMENCO AND SPANISH GUITAR CLASSES. Experienced teacher and student of illustrious flamenco guitarists offers to teach

Guitar lessons with a specific method according to each student, looking for a balance between theory and practice; SPECIALIST IN THE PEOPLE WHO BEGIN WITH THE INSTRUMENT AND ALSO IN THE AFTER A PICOTEO TIME WANT TO CENTER AND RETURN AND DOMINATE THE GUITAR.

Depending on the level of the student, the progressive program will be adjusted by levels that will provide the different techniques of both flamenco guitar and classical guitar that you need to master the instrument:

 Techniques of chopping, strumming, thumb, thumb and index, tremolo, etc. of great pedagogical authors of guitar like extruded of pieces (classic studies or flamenco) to the use to develop them in the practice

 Rhythm and flamenco compass studies. Depending on the theoretical or practical motivations of the student will be formed in very important aspects such as musical language, rhythmic dictation, study of the flamenco compass from the theoretical and auditory point of view as well as through small pieces of the canon that will help their understanding .

 Flamenco pieces and falsetas of the most influential flamenco guitarists (AndrĂ©s Batista, Esteban de SanlĂșcar, Paco de Lucia, Tomatito, Vicente Amigo given in a progressive way, depending on the technique assumed

 Pieces of classical music that will open us the possible approaches of application in flamenco and will bring us a different technique and sensitivity.

 Guitar for the cante: Once the concepts of the flamenco rhythm have been assumed, it will be possible to start in this precious musical genre of accompaniment through different methodologies, with the help of methods that offer us audios and diverse explanations of both harmony and structuring of the sticks.

My experience as a guitar teacher has taught me that although you have to rely on fundamental and / or own guitar methodologies, you have to customize each student (according to their circumstances, qualities, class