Do you want to become an Official Cambridge Exams Center?
Would you like to have a Corporate Image that gives you the opportunity to find bigger and better clients without ANY EXTRA COSTS like premises, employees, or taxes?
Well take a look at this offer and dream a little bit about it...
The Academy/Image Pack includes:

•	The CATCHIEST NAME EVER www.thebritishacademy.es (domain ownership until 2010)
•	Web page fully operative with google visitor's statistics (Google Analytics), student registration record and document management.
•	Professional Designer's Original Logo with cards for students and stationery items such as envelopes and paper sheets with printed logo.

You can get the full package for yourself or you can join with one or two partners to offer better and faster response to your current or potential clients.

Offers will be done by sending an email to juanmcebrian@thebritishacademy.es 
Bids will be taken in until June the 30th. 
All bids will be confidential