24 years old
English support classes 15€/h
I am looking for interested parties who require private classes to improve their proficiency in the English language, I can cover aspects such as; basic conversations, business vocabulary, accent improvements, school work and overall most criterias, any specific problem is a welcome challenge. I can also help in IELTS preparation as well as GCSE English language exam preparation, having achieved exemplary results during my own undertakings of the aforementioned. I am also a Diploma holder from University of London (Certificate of Higher Education in the Common Law) Therefore I have extensive proficiency on legal vocabulary in English.

I have experience teaching children and adults. Generally I charge 15€/hour, will be available from 10am - 9.30pm weekdays and weekends from the month of July and onwards, also subject to availability.
When contacting me please if possible mention the hours and days of the week when you would prefer the actual sessions.
Please feel free to email me for any relevant queries and for my CV if need be, also if it is relevant I can demonstrate all the documents that I claim to have, as a point of invoking confidence.