Content creator
We are an online language school looking for someone to write ESL content, specifically to write tips and expressions for business English. We will provide all the materials needed to help you with this, which includes an ESL book on business English that has loads of expressions and vocabulary that you can include.

An example of a tip is as follows:
"To go round in circles" is a useful business English expression to be used in meetings. If you say that someone/something is going round in circles, you mean that they are not achieving anything because they keep coming back to the same point or problem.

For example, "This discussion is going round in circles, let's take a break and continue this meeting tomorrow".

Payment will be a set sum of £50 for 200 tips.

If interested please send us an email with a brief summary of your experience and please include an example of a business English tip, such as an expression, phrasal verb or piece of grammar.

We hope to speak with you soon!