English teacher looking for work! AUG
Hi all!
I am in Madrid in August and I am looking for work for the following dates:
10th of August- 30th of August

I am looking for teaching/babysitting/tutoring/summer camp opportunities! It can be structured classes, playing in English, or both! I am a native English speaker. 

Although I was born in Mexico, I was raised in seven different countries around the world and travelled to over 50. I attended American/International schools, which allowed me to learn both English and Spanish simultaneously. However, English is definitely my stronger language, and I like to consider both Spanish and English my native languages. I have travelled to over 50 different countries and taught in 4.

I have lots of experience working with kids and adults. I have been teaching since 2015. I have worked at 4 different summer camps, two in Slovakia and two Spain so far! I also have experience with intensive summer courses for adults. 

Please get in touch with me via whatsapp if you are interested in lessons with me. +421902804290

Or give me a call on +31636167212

email: maria.barrera-abisad@hotmail.com