Av. de Manoteras
Starts September 2.  

Av. de Manoteras 
20 minutes from nuevos ministerios renfe. 
It's Monday and Wednesday 3 hours each time. 


3 groups (very small, 4 in one, 2 in another and 1 in the final one.) 
Groups are a2/b1/b2 with a natural slide as to what their actual level is. 

The class of one person may not always take place, he is busy and travels. 
Pay is 22€ the hour. 

Class is business English, for the b1/b2s and level building for the a2. 
I would say that you the drill, this class takes place on their lunch break and so some tender loving is needed, fun classes, support and consistent practice. They love to speak, I have been told.

The old teacher has told me that his books are still there, however I expect the teacher to have the own materials.

Unlike other classes, this class will be paid around the middle of the month, like 10-15th, not the start.