25 years old
I offer a different way to learn English for students of all levels.  I speak native English. I have a lot of ability to connect and work with kids both at school level and in companies
Teaching Approach: Presence (at Student’s home)
1 student: 16euro/hour (24euro hour and a half)
2 students: 12 euro per student/hour
3-4students: 10 euro per student/hour
5 or more students: 8 euro per student/hour 
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Solve the student's doubts and reinforce the knowledge acquired during their classes at the school, Institute and / or work management.

Prepare them for the next class and support them with homework and / or support in presentations and / or personal interviews in the case of Business English.

Preparation for exams: written and oral (Writing, speaking and listening) 
Reinforce vocabulary, comprehension and pronunciation.
Motivate them by encouraging their interest in English.