ENG Squared offering 2 classes (Moncloa/Cuzco) Mon/Weds
Dynamic new academy 'ENG Squared' (www.engsquared.com) is offering the following 2 classes to a fun, experienced teacher in the centre of Madrid.

i) Metro Moncloa, Mondays 5.15-6.15pm. Class is with a 16 year old girl with int/high level. Class will be mostly conversation. 15€/hr contract or 19€/hr freelance.

ii) Metro Cuzco, Wednesdays 5.30-7pm or 6-7.30pm. Class is with 2 boys (14 and 12) 45 mins with each. Boys have beginner and intermediate levels. 15€/hr contract or 19€/hr freelance.

Please send CV to info@engsquared.com stating which classes you are able to take.