27 years old
Morning Classes/Practical English!
A British Native originally from sunny England, living in Madrid now for three years!

I specialise in teaching Practical and Conversation English focusing on getting students to feel comfortable in speaking English beyond the books. Sometimes people can find that after studying English for years when it comes to social situations or following conversations there is still that feeling of anxiety and not being able to say what you really want to in the moment. My aim is to work on this and really help students to feel like they are learning English in a way that they can put their personality into the language. 

My approach is to feel like you are talking with a friend whilst learning, books can be exhausting and you can find yourself in the dark when it comes to following conversations on your favorite Netflix show or in real life situations. 

By teaching you common expressions, phrasal verbs and debating a variety of topics you will start to feel much more comfortable in speaking English. If there is a specific area you want to focus on, we can work on it together.

Email: conor_edwards_07@hotmail.com
WhatsApp: 633801466
15 Euros an hour