Immersive Spanish Lessons
What is the main problem with learning a language? 
Not having the opportunity to put into practice what we have learned.

Immersive Spanish Lessons is a new way of learning Spanish, where the main tagline is Learning by practicing. Allow me to elaborate;

- Type of classes: 
One to one. 
Groups. 3 people maximum are accepted at reduced prices.

- Structure of the class: The first 30 minutes will be dedicated to review the vocabulary and expressions used that day. Then we will devote another 30 minutes to practice in real places and situations. The last 30 minutes will be focused on solving doubts, correcting mistakes and preparing for the next class. 
*The time dedicated to each part of the lesson is approximate.

- Duration: 1h 30min

- Price: 20€ / lesson 

- Awards: Upon the completion of the 5th class, the student will be given a surprise book in Spanish to increase his/her vocabulary.

- Teacher: Chris Moreno (Currently working in EL PAÍS as a User Experience Designer)

- Place: Madrid Capital. The meeting points will change according to the subject matter of the class.