21 years old
Private English classes (evening at your house)
Looking for fun and relax English classes for your kids? You've found the right one!

I am Daisy Dianne Dadula, 21 years old, a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education major in English (magna cum laude) at Xavier University. I love handling kids and be part of their learning. I am currently teaching 1ESO up to 2 Bachillerato at IES Sierra de Guadarrama on Tue-Fri until 14:30. I handle private classes for kids 3-13 years old, as well as conversational classes for adults (14-45 years old). I usually have games and activities, fun English songs and story reading for the younger ones to help them learn English fast without letting them feel anxious that they are actually learning English. For the older ones who are already fluent but needs improvement in the use and pronunciation, I usually have casual talks about interesting things and share my culture and other things they don't know about to help them express their ideas more clearly in English.

If you are interested, you can contact me through email daisydianned@gmail.com or whatsapp 605647287.