24 years old
English lessons by TEFL Teacher with Teaching Degree
Hi! I am Danny (24 years old) and I am an English TEFL teacher, and C1 Level holder. Apart from the TEFL certificate, I have a Teaching Degree with a Major in Teaching English as a Foreign Language ( ). I have been working as an English teacher for the last 6 years. I can teach people from all age groups, including General English and preparation for PET, FCE and all kinds of official examinations. I use the CLT (Communicative Language Teaching) method, which emphasizes the language learner's ability to communicate in real social contexts and stresses learning language through real-world task assignments and problem solving. Besides this focus on fluency, I'm also specialized in Grammar Teaching. Regarding my skills: I have a great awareness of the needs of the students, sympathy, empathy and patience. I'm also very professional and love making the best and getting fully involved in all that I do.