Exine Construction Company- Scam warning
There's a scam targetting Spanish job seekers. They sent out an email a few day ago to many workers based in Spain from a fake engineering company called Exine Construction Company, though there may other fake companies or job offers set up.

It works like this. They send you an email inviting you to a job interview in the United States for a very, very high-paying job. Everything looks legitimate- the company website, the letter of invitation to the United States, the job conditions are good, etc.

They tell you to book a flight to North Carolina to come for the job interview. And they give you the information for a travel agency to book the trip with, telling you that they will reemburse you for the trip once you arrive in North Carolina.

But of course, there is no real company and there is no real travel agency. They take your money- it´s a scam.

Be careful out there guys.