Room for rent Moratalaz language exchange
Hi, my name is Juanjo and I'm a speech therapist in my forties, who is looking for a native speaker (M/F) to rent a room in Moratalaz. The rent will be very cheap in exchange that the tenant speaks in English with me. As I am a speech therapist, I would be delighted to teach the tenant to speak Spanish like a native, at absolutely no cost to them. I live alone and I am very independent, so it would be for moments when the two of us happen to be at home together. A bit about me: I'm very open-minded, I like to read and have a lot of interests, I like to look after myself by leading a healthy lifestyle, eating well, exercising, practising mindfulness, etc.
I already have a good conversational level; my goal is to strive for fluency and lose my accent. 

Anyone who is interested can get in touch with me directly on WhatsApp or via email: 

Tel: +34 619 810 013
Mail: juanjo@carrero.com