SPANISH IMMERSION: URBAN RETREAT this upcoming Saturday February 1st 2020, Valdemoro (Madrid): yoga, meditation, sound healing bath, relaxation with yoga Nidra, Celêstial dance, mantras, potluck. Another way to improve your Spanish.

This is our website. We have been organizing all types of retreats since 2012: http://apykmadrid.com/index_en.html
Improve your Spanish while you experience a great time in a healthy environment. Spanish teacher for foreigners with you the whole day.

From 11:00 am until 5:00pm

Easy to reach with RENFE from Atocha, Sol or Nuevos Ministerios. Come along with your friends :-)

45 euro

Bookings: apykmadrid@gmail.com / 609 92 22 32

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