Exam Preparation, Intensive Courses, Conversation Classes
Exam Preparation - First, Advanced, Proficiency, Aptis,Toefl, IELTS and more.
I am a native English Teacher and Education Consultant with several years of experience working with both adults and children. The areas are Exam Preparation (Cambridge, Toefl, Aptis, IELTS, Toeic, Trinity and more), Business English, Conversation Classes, Homework Assistance and Weekend Immersion Programs.

Join my Conversation Classes and lets Talk, Talk and Talk.
Do you want to prepare for the Cambridge Pet, First, Advanced, Toefl, SAT, Trinity or Aptis Exam and would like to improve in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing?
Business English available for professionals.
English Classes available for children.
I can prepare you for your exam with an intensive course specially tailored to suit you.
Do not hesitate to contact me.