27 years old
I Can Help You Learn English
Hello there my name is Velizar and i am a native english speaker from Los Angeles, California. I am currently living abroad in Madrid, Spain and i am very excited to be able to get started here! I can help you learn english fluently including helping you with your grammer, verbs, and everything else that will make you become a better english speaker. I can also help you with reading and writing if that is necessary as well. I can travel to you if that is needed or you can travel to me and we can meet up somewhere and start our clases. I am looking forward to meeting you all! Don’t hesitate to send me a message here or a message on WhatsApp as we can talk there if you’d like about any questions or inquiries. I am available pretty much all the time 7 days a week as I work from home for my other job and it gives me a lot of free time in which I would like to get to work! I am a very outgoing and friendly person and very easy to speak with and have a conversation with. My level of Spanish is I would say medium/intermediate as I haven’t been in Spain for a long time and I’m still learning more and more Spanish day by day. I know enough Spanish to get me by and have a decent conversation and interaction with someone so speaking with people isn’t much of a problem for me!