Looking for:
- Native speakers (or c2 level)
- Fun and enthusiastic attitude
- Enjoy working with kids (8 to 15)

Our spring season is starting with plenty of Days Activities and Camps (3-4-5 days with overnight stay) going on from middle March to the end of June.
All our activities are outdoors, dynamic, sporty, in nature.
As a monitor you are required to take care of a small group of kids, acting out activities that are prepared for you.

We have a big training/trial days on 28/02

The full season will then start in March and go on until the end of June.

Payment for the Camp Days is 70 euro (after tax) per day (with overnight staying).

Payment for a single day activity (usually 8a.m. to 16 a.m.) is 50 euros (after tax).

Transportation to and from the site of the activity is always provided from the office, in the north of Madrid.

Send CV and all documents (Visa, NIE, Social Security number) if interested.