25 years old
Native English speaker seeking fun language exchange
Hi everyone! My name is Dori. I’m 25 years old from Boston. I’m interested in setting up a friendly Spanish/English language exchange! I've been feeling like my level of Spanish is a bit stuck and I would like to push myself to practise more. I’m about A2 level but I understand a lot and improve quickly when I put in the effort! I’m also super patient and would be happy to help with your English!

I live in Chamberi near Arguelles and San Bernardo, and I work mostly in Salamanca. 
I’m available mornings and weekends (including Fridays!) 

I'm a huuuge coffee lover and also enjoy having a cheap beer or a glass of vino with a pincho here and there. I love to chat about life and get to know different kinds of people. I am curious person with many interests and would love to get to know some of yours as well!

Let’s set something up and take it from there! :)