Computer Science Lecturer
A lecturer to teach ‘Computer Science II Data Structures´ a second-year U.S. college STEM level course in English, running twice a week from Thursday 20 February 2020 to 27 March on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30-15:30 and on two occasions on Friday mornings for class field trips.
This six-week course provides a contemporary foundation in design, analysis and application of data structures and algorithms for computer science students and other disciplines using computer programming. It reviews and builds on basic programming and language tools for algorithm analysis and general design paradigms using C++. Students will use object-oriented programming, including recursion, arrays, lists, stacks, queues, trees, hashing and other operations. Graphing and algorithm design techniques are also covered. Data structures and the algorithms used to manipulate data structures will be applied to solving problems in a broad array of contexts.