25 years old
12e/hour WhatsApp Advanced English video chat
Hey y'all! I'm bored, you're bored, let's speak English together. 
I will focus on conversation and fluency. Get ready to be corrected, but in a fun, nonjudgemental way! 
Sharing a drink (virtually) is encouraged during my classes, and really helps loosen the tongue. 
My goal is to mainly have fun during this tough time, and help Spanish folks improve and maintain their English from while isolated at home. 

I'm from North Carolina (and my name is Carolina, how crazy is that?!). I've been teaching English for 3 years, children and adults, I speak Spanish but I don't use it when I teach English. 

If you buy 5 classes (5 hours), you get it for 50euro. 
Email me to get started!