44 years old
Skype Conversation Classes: 7 Euros Per Person Per Hour!
Hi there! My name´s Matt and I´m an English Teacher with over ten year's experience. I´m starting some Skype Conversation Classes for anyone who is currently stuck at home and wants to keep working on their English fluency.

Here's how it works:

1) I will send you something to read, watch or listen to (in English) along with a couple of questions to think about.
2) The topic will be something about technology, music, cinema, philosophy...IT WILL NOT BE ABOUT CORONAVIRUS!
3) We will discuss the topic and the questions in a 1 hour Skype class. There will be a maximum of 5 students per class.
4) I will create a Google Document for each lesson with some key vocabulary and grammar points. The document will be shared with you during and after each class.
5) The classes will take place in the morning (from 10h-14h) and the afternoon (15h-18h), depending on student availability.

If you're interested or you have any questions, just send me a Whatsapp or an email. Thanks for reading!