Business English IT Communication
Are you an ESL – EFL Professional working in the Information Technology sector?

Do you struggle to keep up with all the expressions, idioms, terms, acronyms of the information systems and tech field?

If the answers to the last 2 questions are yes, then welcome to the Club. You are not alone.

For an ESL – EFL Professional working in the information and technology sector to keep up with all these gibberish and babble could be mind-blowing and especially challenging when talking.

“The quality of my communication is the response I get”

But learning to use the right kind of language will get you noticed. It will help you to communicate better and make people pay attention to you.
Let us work together to enhance your fluency, pronunciation, phonetics, and the right content – context usages of your information technology English communication.

Are you ready for Business English Rock & Roll with a TECH purpose?

Let us meet for one hour twice a week Online to start empowering your IT English.

The time is now.

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