45 years old
English for History/Archaeology/Museum Staff/Students
Are you working in the world of museums, archaeology and heritage and want to improve your English? Perhaps you just love history and want to chat about it? 

Hello, I'm Clare and I moved to Madrid from Sheffield in England in 2018. I was a Museum Curator for over 20 years and have a huge range of experience in the heritage industry, from organising exhibitions, researching objects and helping visitors learn about all aspects of history. 
If you are studying or work in these fields, I can help you improve your English terminology and specialist vocabulary, have natural conversations with your colleagues and improve your writing skills. 

I am TEFL qualified with over two years' experience working with a range of adult learners helping them improve their functional language skills, including pronunciation and grammar. I am currently teaching a number of General and Business English classes around Madrid and online. 

One to one classes can be done over Skype or Zoom from 15 euros for one hour.