28 years old
Hi everyone! My name is Sara and I'm 28 years old. I hope you are crazy about studying Spanish and desire to have a good time with me!

I have a Masters in Language Teaching , I also graduated in English Philology at the Autónoma University of Madrid and titled by the Instituto Cervantes DELE B1-B2 Examiner.

The price is very economical:
- 13 € / hour for online classes 

IMPORTANT. My classes are mainly focused on:
1. Improve your conversation, get fluent and learn common expressions and useful words that serve to communicate in your daily life easily and quickly. 
2. Learn advanced vocabulary of different current topics.
3. Delve into grammar mastering the most important tenses and how and when use them, where to put accents in words, sentences structure , adjectives, adverbs, connectors ...
4. Improve your pronunciation. I want you really sound like a Spanish speaker. We will pay special attention to the sound of /r/ , /rr/, /j/ and /g/.
5. Preparation of DELE exams if you are interested in it / Documents correction

¿Helpful information about me?
.I am NATIVE, specifically from Madrid. You are going to understand my accent very well.
.Experience for 7 years. I have worked with many students from many different countries, especially from China, USA, UK, Korea, Poland, Brazil, Italy and Japan.
.I work in an school as a Spanish and English teacher. I know quite well your needs.
.I offer tailored classes for each level and interests of the student. I also give you material to work in class and take it to your home.
.Feel free to contact me

Do you want to know what my students think about me? Copy and check this link: 

Hope you are well :)